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What makes Exit Realty Diversified unique among Nashville real estate companies?

In addition to our professional agents and experience in the Nashville real estate market, Exit Realty's business model provides a foundation of excellence that propels our agents' client service.

We're proud to be international leaders in real estate, as evidenced by these reports:

April 09, 2007

Swanepoel Trends Report Ranks EXIT Realty as Leading "New" National Real Estate Franchise Brand

2007 Swanepoel Trends Report ranks EXIT ahead of Help-U-Sell®, Weichert Realtors®, Sotheby’s Real Estate® and Avalar®.

According to the 2007 edition of the Swanepoel Trends Report that was published in February, EXIT Realty ranked as the leading “New” National Real Estate Franchise brand, ahead of Help-U-Sell®, Weichert Realtors®, Sotheby’s Real Estate® and  Avalar®.

Founded in 1996 in OntarioCanada by Steve Morris, EXIT Realty entered the USA only eight years ago.  With projections of over 1,500 franchises sold and over 50,000 agents recruited by December, 2007, EXIT has become the fastest growing real estate company in North America.

The Swanepoel Trends Report is widely accepted as the leading publication on change and trends in the real estate industry.  The 2007 Report provides a thorough examination of the top 10 trends shaping the industry, its participants and the way property is bought and sold.

“Stefan Swanepoel is always right on track with his analysis of the industry and we are delighted to be recognized, “says Tami Bonnell, US President of EXIT Realty.  “We are revolutionizing the real estate business and expect to have paid out over $140,000,000 single-level residuals by December, 2007”, she adds.


April 09, 2007

As of April 2007, EXIT Realty Has Sold Over 1,100 Franchises and Recruited 35,000 agents

EXIT Realty achieves major milestones paying out more than $100,000,000 in single-level residuals

As of April, 2007,
EXIT Realty has achieved the milestones of over 1,100 franchises sold, 35,000 agents recruited and has paid out over $100,000,000 in single-level residuals.  Residual income is making a significant difference in the lives of EXIT agents and their families. 

According to Tami Bonnell, President of EXIT’s US operation, “Our people have always been the magic in this organization and seeing what they have done with the residual income has reached far beyond buying new cards, second homes, boats or any and every luxury one can think of.  Our people have used their residuals to put their children and grandchildren through private school and collage as well as provide several other opportunities to their families they would not have without EXIT’s residual income.” 

Bonnell goes on to say, “Our agents, brokers and regional owners have even taken their residuals out to their communities, starting trust funds, charities, grants and scholarships, helping other individuals and families get a fresh start or a leg up.”


April 09, 2007

Steve Morris, EXIT Realty Founder and CEO, Named One of Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Thought Leaders

REALTOR® Magazine honors Steve Morris in 2006

EXIT’s Founder and CEO, Steve Morris, was named one of
REALTOR® Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Thought Leaders in 2006. 

Morris is credited with the introduction of EXIT’s unique Formula that offers associates a chance to earn residual income based on sponsoring, and was complimented for his commitment to mentoring, training and coaching.