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Exit Realty Corp International was founded in 1996 by Steve Morris in Toronto. Steve had been a top manager and agent recruiter for RE/MAX for fifteen years. Since that time, Exit has become the fastest growing real estate franchise ever.


Steve Morris
CEO and Founder Exit Realty Corp. International

Why: Introduced a residual business model that let associates earn a percentage on the sales of their recruits.

Taking a page from the insurance sales industry, where he’d worked, Steve Morris built a franchise by giving each sales associate a share in the success of the entire enterprise. Exit offers sales associates 10 percent residual bonuses from the corporation on the transactions of other associates they bring to the company and mentor. This unusual compensation offering has enabled Morris to grow the franchise to 1,007 offices and more than 30,000 sales associates in less than a decade. Exit’s training is also getting rave reviews with its emphasis on mentoring and coaching as well as classes. After a stint with The Permanent, Canada’s third-largest real estate company at the time, Morris joined RE/MAX in 1984 and within a year was named Top Manager in North America by the franchise. During his tenure, he was also named Broker/Owner of the Year for multiple offices. A dozen years later, Morris launched a model that gave associates a shot at more than 100 percent earnings through residuals. 

December 2006
    Reprinted from REALTOR® Magazine by permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Steve Morris Background

Steve Morris is the inspiring Founder and CEO of Exit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which opened for business on September 3rd, 1996.

In 1984, Mr. Morris joined RE/MAX and in 1985 was awarded the prestigious designation of Top Sales Manager in North America. In 1989, Mr. Morris earned the Top Broker/Owner of the Year award for multiple offices in Ontario/Atlantic Canada for RE/MAX.

From 1984 to 1996 Steve Morris worked for RE/MAX of Toronto, Canada where he personally recruited more than three hundred and seventy-five (375) sales representatives into the Re/Max System and built the Second Largest Office in North America for Re/Max with over one hundred (100) agents. Prior to working with RE/MAX, Steve Morris was a Manager of the Permanent Real Estate Company, which was then the third largest real estate company in Canada with more than 90 offices. He was promoted to District Sales Manager over Southern Ontario, Canada, in 1981.

Prior to his career in real estate management, Steve Morris was a stock broker for six years and a top life insurance salesman for Manulife for three years.

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